Makhana Benefits

Top 12 Makhana/Fox Nuts Benefits: Super Healthy Snack

Makhana/ Fox Nuts Plant

When dried, the edible seeds of Euryale Ferox, also known as prickly waterlily or Gorgon Plant, are known as fox nuts or Phool makhana. Euryale Ferox is a species of water lily that grows in marshes and ponds and is native to southern and eastern Asia and the only living species of the genus Euryale.

In Simple words, Makhana or Fox Nuts are the seed of the lotus plant, which is used to make desserts and savory dishes. These nuts can be eaten either cooked or raw. It may be roasted as a savory snack or used in a variety of recipes and sweets. Additionally, Makhanas/Fox Nuts are also utilized in traditional medicine.

These are extensively grown across Asia and thus are frequently used in conventional medicine for treating several disorders.

Makhana/ Fox Nuts Benefits
Makhana promotes men’s sex health by improving sperm count and quality due to its aphrodisiac characteristics. Makhana’s strong astringent properties may help manage diarrhea by slowing the flow of feces through the gastrointestinal tract, thus lowering the frequency of passing stool. If used in excess, it may cause constipation, bloating, and gas.

Makhana/Fox Nut vs Lotus Seed

  • The Lotus seed originates from the medicinal plant Nelumbo Nucifera, which is a completely distinct variety.
  • Because of the resemblance in where these plants grow as well as how they appear, it is sometimes mistaken with the Water Lily plant.
  • Both of them are water-loving blooming plants. But that’s the extent of the resemblance.
  • Lotus seed is mainly used in China for its medicinal properties.

Other names of Fox nuts

  1. Euryale Ferox
  2. Fox Nuts
  3. Gorgon Fruits
  4. Jeweir
  5. Kantpadma
  6. Makhana Lawah
  7. Makhane
  8. Makhane
  9. Makhatrah
  10. Makhatram
  11. Makhna
  12. Mellunipadmamu
  13. Mukhareh
  14. Mukhresh
  15. Paniyphalam
  16. Phool Makhana
  17. Prickly water lily
  18. Sivsat
  19. Thanging

How it’s Harvested?

Makhana/Fox Nut Nutritional Value

Fox Nuts has a low calorie, high fiber, and low glycemic index, contributing to its nutritional benefits. It has practically very low fat, making it an ideal choice amongst health-conscious individuals who want to manage a good physique. The following are some important makhana dietary facts to consider.

Nutrients 100 gm
Calcium 60 mg
Calories 347
Carbohydrates 76.9 gm
Fats 0.1 gm
Fiber 14.5 gm
Iron 1.4 mg
Protein 9.7 gm
Fats 0.1 gm

Makhana Benefits

The nutritional values for Fox Nuts show that there are far too many advantages to this clean yet modest powerhouse snack. This long-forgotten snack is regaining prominence as more and more people are showing their interest in this snack. Fortunately, you can receive loads of this miracle snack while cruising through stores nearby. Now, it is available in packs like traditional chips in various flavors.

When eaten as a snack, it provides you a sensation of fullness and helps you lose weight by preventing overeating. Makhana contains antioxidants and specific amino acids with anti-aging properties, making it useful for general skin health (wrinkles and symptoms of age).

Makhana Benefits

1. Easy to get in the Plate

Makhana is the newest version of popcorn these days which is much easier to get. It’s very crispy when fried or roasted. It is has got a bland taste, and we can mix any flavor in it to make it flavorful.

Therefore this nutritious powerhouse is simple to make, cost-effective, and good for mental and physical health.

2. Anti-aging Properties of Makhana/ Fox Nuts

Creatine, made up of methionine and arginine, is also found in the fox nuts, which have anti-aging properties. It combats oxidative stress while also slowing the aging process.

Therefore, Fox Nuts has a positive impact on your overall well-being. Makhana consumption can aid in preventing wrinkles and premature greying of hair. One should start eating fox nuts after realizing their powerful benefits right away.

Other beauty-related benefits:

  • Healthy hair, nails, and skin
  • Builds muscle mass
  • Reduces excessive body fat
  • Increases energy levels

3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Makhana/ Fox Nuts

Flavonoids present in this super snack have a beneficial impact on the overall body. It helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and inflammatory diseases.

They’re also antimicrobial, which means they’ll make you healthier.

4. Rich in Antioxidants

Makhana is high in antioxidants, which aid in the neutralization of free radicals and prevent oxidative damage.

It includes antioxidants such as gallic acid, chlorogenic acid, and epicatechin, which are proven to have an important role in preventing chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

Antioxidants can also help with inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, psoriasis, and other inflammatory issues by relieving pain.

5. Anti-Diabetic Properties of Makhana/ Fox Nuts

Makhana may assist in improved blood glucose regulation. One clinical trial found that giving rodents the makhana extract improved blood glucose stabilization and boosted the activity of many antioxidative enzymes.

As a result, research needs to be conducted to see how Fox Nuts affects blood sugar in people when ingested in usual quantities.

6. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Despite the absence of human study, Fox Nuts have been beneficial to cardiovascular health in several. It is known to dramatically lower high cholesterol and triglycerides, which are both prominent risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Furthermore, Fox Nuts are proven in Ayurveda and labs to protect against heart disease and aid in the neutralization of damaging free radicals. Somehow, more research is needed through modern science to showcase its effects on individuals while consuming a healthy diet.

7. Lower high blood pressure

Since it helps in reducing various cardiovascular diseases, their high potassium levels and low sodium levels are useful to high blood pressure.

Fox Nuts are one of the most effective in maintaining systolic blood pressure levels and helps to regulate high blood pressure.

8. Rich in Calcium

Fox Nuts are high in calcium, which helps keep your muscles and gums in great shape. It will strengthen your joints because it meets the required calcium need for a body.

It also aids in the treatment of osteoporosis and chronic stiffness.

9. Helps in Arthritis and other Bones Related Issues

Because of its richness in calcium, it is very beneficial to persons with arthritis and other joint disorders. The consumption of fox nuts would aid in the maintenance of calcium concentration in the body.

Therefore, Fox Nuts should be a part of a regular diet if you’d like to stay healthy. So, instead of ordinary peanuts, chips, or popcorns, you should try roasted Makhana.

10. Increases Fertility

Foxnuts can help prevent infertility by keeping your body hydrated and maintaining its moisture content. It serves to maintain the body’s discharges more hydrated.

The quantity and quality of sperm are both improved. Makhana is said to be very beneficial to one’s reproductive system.

11. Spleen detoxification

The spleen is a human body component responsible for creating and eliminating red blood cells.

Fox nuts or makhana aid in the detoxification of the organ and its optimal functioning.

12. Supports Weight Management

Including makhana nuts in your meal is a wonderful solution to enhance your carbohydrate and protein consumption, which can help you lose excessive weight. Proteins, in particular, have been demonstrated to mitigate your hunger and lessen emotional eating effectively.

On the other hand, Fiber passes gradually down your intestinal tract, keeping you full and satisfied across the day. Eating more fiber has been linked to lower excess weight.

Side-Effects of Makhana /Fox Nuts

Despite the numerous advantages, Fox Nut’s adverse impact on the body should not be overlooked. As a result, restraint is essential. Allergies and stomach issues like bloating and constipation are just a few of the possible adverse effects.

Also, If you begin to feel uneasy or see indications of an intolerance, immediately stop eating it and see your physician. Before including makhanas into one’s diet, expectant mothers and diabetics should seek medical advice. If you are taking any medications, speak with your doctor beforehand having it.

However, the negative effects of fox nuts are minor in comparison to the numerous health advantages they provide, making it the ideal treat for any time during the day. To create a long tale short, the next time you need potato chips to satisfy your nightly munching pattern, go to your kitchen drawer and grab a container of this nutritious, crispy food.

Makhana/ Fox Nuts Recipe

Roasted Makhana

  1. In a pan, heat the oil until it shimmers.
  2. Add the makhana or lotus nuts and roast on low heat for 4-5 minutes, or until crispy. In the meanwhile, stir constantly.
  3. Then, mix any flavorful powder you like, integrate all.
  4. In a large mixing bowl, combine all of the ingredients and thoroughly combine them.
  5.  Serve and enjoy your roasted fox nuts or makhana.
  6. Store it in an airtight container.


Makhana Kheer Recipe (Dessert)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is Makhana or Lotus Nuts?

Ans. These are the seeds of the lotus flower, which grows in marshes and ponds and is native to southern and eastern Asia.

Q2. How to eat Makhana or Lotus Nuts?

Ans. It can be eaten as a snack, curry, or dessert. There are numerous recipes available on this nut.

Q3. How to eat Makhana with Milk?

Ans. It can be eaten directly with milk or you can make an authentic Indian sweet dish called Kheer using these nuts.

Q4. How much Makhana we should eat in a day?

Ans. One handful of makhanas or fox nuts is enough to boost you up. Eating it in excess can make you feel bloat.

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